Our Initiatives for “Social”

Over 110 years, Tokyo Tanshi, which values the people, has focused on contributing to society by responding to clients needs and market changes.
We will continue to promote initiatives for our valuable clients, local communities, and employees.

Examples of Initiatives for “Social”
  • ■ Establishment of “Client Based Business Operation Policy”
  • ■ Hosting the National Bank of Cambodia Delegation
  • As part of the overseas central bank training program organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), we had the privilege of welcoming a delegation from the central bank of Cambodia during their visit to Japan. We provided them with a tour of our company’s facilities. Additionally, Mr. Izuru Kato, the President of the Totan Research Co., Ltd, and the researcher Yuichiro Takai delivered lectures on “Short-Term Financial Markets in Japan”.

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  • ■ Support for the Japanese Red Cross Society
  • Employees participated in a blood donation in our building.

2nd : 2023 October
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1st : 2022 October
  • State of the day
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  • State of the day
  • State of the day
  • ■ Conducting “Satisfaction Surveys” to improve client satisfaction
Examples of Measures to Enhance the Workplace
  • ■ Implementation of “Next Generation Development Action Plan”
  • ■ Implementation of “Action Plan for ‘Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace’ “
  • ■ Harassment training for employees
  • ■ Conduct “Employee Satisfaction Survey” for the better workplace
  • ■ Implementation of “Employee Skills Grant Programs”
  • ■ Implementation of the subsidy program for employees to educate at graduate schools