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Group Management

In addition to coordinating the development and proposal of business strategies for the group, management of calculations, earnings, etc., and outsourced operations for the various group companies, Tokyo Tanshi provides related business guidance and support.

Settlement operations

Even in Japan, settlement operations are growing more and more important for various reasons such as the introduction of the next-generation real time gross settlement ("RTGS") system. Tokyo Tanshi plays an important role in Japan's financial markets, processing an enormous and diverse volume of settlements on a daily basis.

Tokyo Tanshi has established a reliable delivery and settlement system that directly connects to the settlement management systems of its clients and the Bank of Japan and makes it possible to ascertain various information, including the settlement state and balance for various Bank of Japan accounts, in real time. In this way, the company has won the deep trust of financial market participants over the years. In recent years, Tokyo Tanshi has worked to further improve the security of its settlement operations through various efforts including establishing a backup center in Tokyo and strengthening its ability to respond to emergencies such as disasters.

Risk Management

As finance grows less regulated but more international and IT technology dramatically improves, financial products are becoming more diverse and complex, and the importance of accurately analyzing, ascertaining, and controlling various risks is growing for market participants such as Tokyo Tanshi. In terms of maintaining the soundness of its business and meeting its social responsibilities as a financial market participant, Tokyo Tanshi has not only positioned risk management and compliance as priority business issues but also created inhouse rules, properly assigned personnel to the risk management department, increased the sophistication of its management methods, and systemized operations in order to create a rigorous risk management system that takes into account the content of operations and unique risk aspects.