For over 110 years, Tokyo Tanshi has been growing as the leading money broker on the Japanese short-term money market. This was only possible with the support of market participants and the social context which permits our stable business activities.

From this perspective, we believe that the stable growth of the global environment, the economy, and the society, in which we operate, is essential for the sustainable growth of our company and the Japanese financial market.

In addition, to fulfill our social mission of playing a role in the market infrastructure, we continue to improve our corporate governance following the changes in the economy and the society.

Also to realize our corporate vision of ” being a first call money broker” and “achieving sustainable growth despite rapid change and becoming a company that is truly needed by our clients and society as a leader of the financial market infrastructure,” we contribute to environmental, social, and governance initiatives, and continue to proactively address the initiatives.

We sincerely ask for your continued support.

Shoji Ushiro
President, Representative Director