August, 1900
Yanagida Building Broker registered as a corporation.
April, 1909
Yanagida Bill Broker established.
October, 1919
Eijo Bank acquired, name changed to Yanagida Bill Broker Bank, and call and bill broker operations launched in addition to general banking operations.
July, 1930
Banking operations suspended due to amendments to the Bank Act, and company name changed to Yanagida Bill Broker.
July, 1942
Company name changed to Yanagida Tanshi K.K.
January, 1949
Hayakawa Tanshi K.K. acquired and absorbed, money market operations of the Funds Department of Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. (former Fujimoto Bill Broker K.K.) transferred, and company name changed to Tokyo Tanshi Co., Ltd.
Foreign exchange broker operations launched.
May, 1971
Trading of notes introduced.
October, 1971
Capital increased to 300 million yen.
December, 1978
Tokyo Forex Co., Ltd. established, and Tokyo Tanshi's foreign exchange broker operations transferred.
May, 1980
Secondary trading of CDs launched.
May, 1981
Secondary trading of FBs launched.
October, 1985
Interbank deposit broker operations launched.
November, 1987
Secondary trading of CP introduced.
Secondary trading of TBs launched.
April, 1996
Bond lending operations introduced.
February, 1997
Totan Reserch Co., Ltd. established.
June, 1997
Tokyo Forex Securities Co., Ltd. established.
October, 1999
Tokyo Forex Ueda Harlow Co., Ltd. established.
February, 2000
Totan Agency Co., Ltd. And Totan Information Technology Co., Ltd. established.
March, 2000
Tokyo Forex Co., Ltd. changed its name to Totan Derivatives Co., Ltd.
September, 2000
TIU Derivatives Co., Ltd. established
October, 2000
Tokyo Forex Securities Co., Ltd. And Garban International Securities Co., Ltd. Are merged into Garban Totan Securities Co., Ltd. (ICAP Totan Securities Co., Ltd.)
November, 2001
Stock lending operations launched.
July, 2003
Trading of short-term corporate bonds (dematerialized CP) int roduced.
August, 2003
Totan Holdings Co., Ltd., Tokyo Tanshi's holding company, established.
December, 2003
Some assets, such as subsidiaries of Tokyo Tanshi, spun off and taken over by Totan Holdings Co., Ltd.
December, 2003
TIU Derivatives Co., Ltd. changed its name to Totan Capital Markets Co., Ltd.
April, 2004
Capital increased to 3.0 billion yen.
April, 2004
Transfer of a portion of the assets of Totan Derivatives Co., Ltd. including shares of subsidiaries to Totan Holdings Co., Ltd. through a corporate split. Totan Derivatives Co., Ltd. absorbs Totan Agency Co., Ltd. and changes its name to Totan Agency Co.
October, 2007
Capital increased to 10.0 billion yen.
October, 2007
Totan Holdings Co., ltd. invests in J-Bond Securities Co., Ltd.
January, 2008
Tokyo Tanshi Shanghai office opened.
April, 2008
J-Bond Securities Co., Ltd. changed its name to J-Bond Totan Securities Co., Ltd.
April, 2009
100-year anniversary of founding of the company celebrated.
September, 2009
Construction of new headquarters building completed.
January, 2012
ICAP Totan Securities Co., Ltd. transfers its Japanese government bond division to Central Tanshi Securities Co., Ltd. and Garban International invest in the company and change the company name to Central Totan Securities Co., Ltd.
January, 2012
Totan Capital Markets Co., Ltd. changed its name to Totan ICAP Co., Ltd.
March, 2014
Totan Business information Counsulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established.
April, 2016
Acquired and absorbed Totan Holdings Co., Ltd. and Totan Information Technology Co., Ltd.
July, 2018
Established Crypto Garage, a joint venture with Digital Garage, Inc. in the fintech field.
October, 2019
Tokyo Forex Ueda Harlow Co., Ltd. changed it name to Ueda Totan Forex Ltd.
August, 2021
Transferred all shares of ICAP Totan Securities Co., Ltd. to Garban International and dissolved the joint venture.